Queen of Thieves

Fractured Fairy Tale Retelling, Novella

Everyone knows Yaksah, The King of Thieves, is not to be trifled with. His swiftness and stealth are legendary. Nothing valuable is safe from his nimble, sticky fingers.


But the King and the city of Vymn aren't all they appear. Yaksah has a secret... and Ahd, a simple woodcutter, could expose it to the world. Keeping it though, gives Ahd an upper hand over Yaksah like no one's ever had. It may save his life… or destroy them both.

Queen of Thieves Book Trailer
Story Snippet

"Thwack. Ahd Bel grunted as he plunged his axe into a nearby tree and grasped his knees to keep them from buckling as moonlight reflected off the blade. Moving under the cover of darkness would not be in the cards tonight, not if he was to claim the treasure for himself..."

Character Art / Bios
Story Soundrack

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