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Sneak Peak Saturday: Part 6!

Welcome back to Sneak Peak Saturday! For those of you who are new here, we are LESS THAN A MONTH from the release of my debut queer romance, Duet Rubato. To celebrate, every Saturday, I'll post a behind the scenes tidbit: a piece of artwork, some trivia, a favorite quote, something about the process for writing this book, and everything in between! Last week, I introduced ADDIE and told you guys the humble beginnings of this book.

A Bit About My Character Art: A few months ago, I decided I wanted character art commissioned for this book, much like Kim Chance did for her book, Keeper. For this set of drawings, I actually hired two artists. Ricky, from Fiverr, who also did my logo, and Starr, from Twitter, who made a special, limited edition piece of heart which will go on swag given out to my street team. Click the link to join!

And now, without further ado, I'd like you all to meet: FRANK, MEGAN, and BRAYDEN!

FRANK, MEGAN, and BRAYDEN (Catie’s Support System) Brayden is Catie’s older brother, Megan is the reason she survived her accident, and Frank gave her a new lease on life.

FRANK is just trying to keep his head above water as Stage Manager for Bright Light and Hellsworth’s #1 assistant. He’s been loyal to Bright Light since his high school years and was best friends with the old director. When Hellsworth runs him off of the premises, Frank stays behind out of loyalty to the theater. And regrets every minute of it until he meets Catie, and knows her talent is something special/. He’ll do anything to help Bright Light succeed. Even work for the Bitch of Broadway.

MEGAN is one of Catie’s oldest friends. They met shortly after Catie joined Las Ballerinas, and it was her nurturing instincts that helped keep Catie afloat while she found her footing with the company. The second oldest of six children, Megan has always been a bit of a mother hen. She was also the first person to call 911 after Catie’s accident, and Catie couldn’t think of a better godmother for her daughter.

BRAYDEN is the classic, over protective brother. He’s been there for Catie since day one, and it one of the only people she trusts to always pick her up when she falls. He’s not that great with kids, but he loves Lyssa as if she were his own and he’ll always be the first to stand up for his family.

Question of the Week: Who is your support system?

Until next time, keep making magic, word weavers!

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