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Sneak Peak Saturday: Part 3!

Welcome back to Sneak Peak Saturday and HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! For those of you who are new here, we are SIX WEEKS from the release of my debut queer romance, Duet Rubato. To celebrate, every Saturday, I'll post a behind the scenes tidbit: a piece of artwork, some trivia, a favorite quote, something about the process for writing this book, and everything in between! Last week, I introduced ADDIE and told you guys the humble beginnings of this book.

A Bit About My Character Art: A few months ago, I decided I wanted character art commissioned for this book, much like Kim Chance did for her book, Keeper. For this set of drawings, I actually hired two artists. Ricky, from Fiverr, who also did my logo, and Starr, from Twitter, who made a special, limited edition piece of heart which will go on swag given out to my street team. Click the link to join!

And now, without further ado, I'd like you all to meet: GRAYSON!

GRAYSON THOMAS (Lyssa’s Father) Grayson Thomas has been well-known is Boston since the day he was born, thanks to old money on his father’s side. While his father always pushed for his son to have the highest education, and spared no expense, it was his mother Evelyn who drummed the importance of their societal reputation into his head. When he’d expressed interest in radio production, they enrolled him at MACMA, which boasted one of the most prestigious programs around. No one had expected he would return with a child. Now he’s doing the best he can to provide for his daughter—even if it means finally growing a backbone and wiggling out for under his mother’s thumb.

Bonus Trivia: Grayson’s Original Role

When I came up with this story, Grayson didn’t show up until chapter ten! I needed to give Catie something else to fight for, and because she had a daughter, it’s been the most natural thing to create fiction among her and the biological father. However I have read so many books where the biological parents of a main character do not get along and I did not want to do that with this book, so I introduced his high society parents instead but they didn’t come until the third draft.

Question of the Week: Have you ever written a character that turned out way different from the first draft to the final?

Until next time, keep making magic, word weavers!

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