Blurbs are hard! Need help?

A blurb, also known as the back cover copy or a summary, is the amuse bouche for the reader. A little taste of your fabulous work of art that leaves them famished and clamoring for more.   

As an author myself, I understand how hard it is to condense the book baby that you've slaved over for weeks, months, even years, into a few simple paragraphs.  What if it's boring? What if it gives away too much? Or, maybe worse, doesn't give the reader enough? How in the world can are you going to squish an entire, epic novel into a few hundred tiny words? Have no fear, the blurb fairy is here!

Write  $20

I will write a blurb guaranteed to keep readers turning pages!

 Includes three initial drafts written from a synopsis  

Up to 400 words per blurb 

Three day delivery 

Up to 3 Revisions 

Commercial Use- Yes 

One Day delivery available for $5 up-charge. Same day delivery available for $10 up-charge.   

Additional revisions available for $5 per revision 

Rewrite $15

I will help rewrite your blurb to make it impossible to pass by!

Includes two initial drafts written from an existing blurb

Up to 400 words per blurb 

Two day delivery 

Up to 2 Revisions 

Commercial Use- Yes 

One Day delivery available for $5 up-charge. Same day delivery available for $10 up-charge.  

Additional revisions available for $5 per revision 

Polish $10

I will edit your blurb for spelling, grammar, clarity, conciseness, word choice etc.

Includes one clean draft of existing blurb.

Up to 400 words per blurb 

One day delivery 

Up to 1 Revisions 

Commercial Use- Yes 

Same Day delivery available for $5 up-charge 

Additional revisions available for $5 per revision 

Need An Editor?

As your editor, I will...

  • Tell you whether your book fits the expectations of your genre and target audience. 

  • Find plot holes, unfinished character arcs and other inconsistencies you may have missed in self-edits. (If you work with me, I'll also help you find new ways to fix them). ​

  • Make sure your story comes across your audience in the most effective, irresistible, professional form possible.​

I offer several different services to cater to newer writers as well as veterans. These include proofreading, beta reading, line editing, manuscript critiques, sensitivity reading.

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