by C.J. Kavanaugh


Project Nature Magic


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YA Retelling/Drafting  

Dax once longed to be an adventurer just like his absentee father, but reality hit him hard. When his mother fell ill due to addiction, Dax was left to raise his younger sister and carry on his father's legacy. Now, the family farm is in danger of foreclosure, his sister wants to go to medical school, and Dax will do anything to keep his family together. Even chase after the fairy tales that took his father.

Project Nutcracker


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MG Retelling/Drafting 

When Penelope's father is MIA during World War Two, her ex-military, toymaker grandfather travels to war-torn London to find him. He gives her a mysterious doll and an odd riddle as a promise they will see one another again.


Two weeks after they parted at the train station, Penelope can't take the uncertainty any longer. She ventures down to his workshop, hoping to find a way to decipher the strange words.


Instead, Penelope discovers she is descended from a mysterious line of magical toymakers called Trinketeers. Her grandfather and father have been held a prisoner in the land of Mystique by the command of The Master. Penelope must embrace her destiny as the next Trinketeer or lose all of them forever.